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Dec 27, 2016 at 01:09 PM

can we run 'update stats' in parallel on the same database


Hi community,

i want to execute an 'update index statistics' on all the tables of my database.

To do so I first retrieve the list of tables and dispatch them in 4 files with the corresponding 'update index statistics' command.

I then execute 4 'isql' in background

isql -U xx -P xx -S xx -D xx -i xx1.sql -o xx1.log &

isql -U xx -P xx -S xx -D xx -i xx2.sql -o xx2.log &

isql -U xx -P xx -S xx -D xx -i xx3.sql -o xx3.log &

isql -U xx -P xx -S xx -D xx -i xx4.sql -o xx4.log &

By doing so, I was expecting to see several update statistics running but looking at the output of sp_who, I notice only one is being executed (see attachment)

I'd like to know if I'm doing anything wrong to have those update statistics executed in parallel

Thanks for your inputs



sp-who.txt (2.3 kB)