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Mar 27, 2012 at 07:49 AM

Number issue in PPM5.0 where Item number is not same is project n.


We are using PPM 5.0 . Our system is designed as PPM Item number should match c Project no. Our process is like as first we create Item ad based on approval of various DP we would create proejct of same number as item .. say Item is 1000.0001 then C project should be 1000.0001 and tasks Cproject should be 1000.0001.01 and so on.. But

With recent issue project is getting created as sometimes 1001.0001. I feel that resolution of issue is in debug when we click on Project Scheduling button in ITEM to create cProject out of it, at this point system would assign wrong number range to Project probably.

Request your solution perspective on it. or any FM which assign numbers from Item to cProejcts etc..

With Regards