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Mar 27, 2012 at 07:32 AM

SAP BI IP problem with copying data


Hi All,

SAP BI IP. I have a real time cube. On the basis of established level of aggregation. The level of aggregation contains some of the characteristic, one of which 0version, and an indicator of the amount planne which is a keyfigure. In RSPLAN i create a filter, which point out the restriction of the version A1. Then i create a planning function (type of Copy). With help of this function i need to copy data from version A1 to another version. Target version set with help of variable functions of planning. Create a planning sequence, in which the 1 st step - it's my filter, the 2 nd function with parameter a new version. The filter displays the data as needed. The variable function indicates the version of C3. When I start with a step function, I get this error now.

If you modify the filter and clean it according to the restriction, the copy works. Remove the restriction of the version I can not, because the user needs to view data for each version. This functionality will be implemented through query in the Query Designer.

Maybe i do something wrong? Please help me sort out my problem.

Best regards,

Andrei Lisov.