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May 27, 2005 at 06:53 AM

Weblogs/Technical Articles/Code Samples/Tutorials ...inputs Needed.


Dear Colleagues,

CRM Development Forum we do not have


2)Technical Articles

3)Code Samples

4)Tutorials ...

<b>Action Items:</b>

<b>1)</b> Propose the TOPICS related to PCUI / InteractionCenter WebClient where we need more technical inputs. Expert colleagues in the Forum will pick up the Topic and comeup with the Weblogs/Technical Articles/CodeSamples/Tutorials

<b>2)</b> Volunteer the Topic proposed by someone/ You propose a Topic and let the Forum know that you will come up with "Topix XYZ" Weblogs/TechnicalArticles/Code Samples/Tutorials

I'll make sure that all the inputs are taken care along with the technical information and reward points.

<b>Pls have a look at below link to know the need...</b>

Increase efficiency of this forum... :-)

<b>Pls have a look at below link for posted Weblogs</b>

;\ New Weblogs

<b>Pls have a look at below for Ongoing ...stuff </b>


<b>1)</b>"Integerating External HTML Appls into PCUI Appl using both customizing and development." - by Harshvardhan Murarka Status "Ongoing"

<b>2)</b> PCUI Application for Training purpose

by Tiest van Gool - Status "Ongoing"

<b>3)</b> PCUI Getting Started". by Vijaya Kumar - Status "Draft is Ready" Few links needs to be updated..I'm waiting for it.



Vijaya Kumar M

Co-Moderator of the Forum.