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May 27, 2005 at 06:12 AM

Calling a specific folder in standard KM navigation iview


Dear developers,

I'm trying to make an iview call a specific km folder of another iview (standard KM navigation iview).

I believe I should use the "EPCM.doNavigate" method, setting the "Navigation context URL" argument to point to the folder I need to open.

(folder = "documents/documents/Mediabank/Products/GB")

But I only get to the default 'root'-folder of the KM.

Here's my DynPage code:

response.write("<SCRIPT langugage = 

String url = "ROLES://portal_content/Flexit/KM_Nav";
String navigationAction = "EPCM.doNavigate('" + url + "' ,0, , , , '/documents/documents/Mediabank/Products/GB')";

Do you have any suggestions?

Best Regards

Olof Tronnberg