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Mar 27, 2012 at 06:27 AM

GOS enhancement in sales order


Hi All,

Could you please tell me how to do enhancement when uploading attachment in sales order edit mode VA02? We've a requirement to send email to related users when someone upload a new attachment for specific document type in VA02, I did google but have no clear clue. I only know there are some FMs named GOS_* and objects named CL_GOS_*, then I try to put breakpoint on all of them and upload file in VA02, I got the result when first click the GOS icon in VA02, the CHECK_STATUS method of CL_GOS_SRV_ATTACHMENT_CREATE is triggered, but it's not triggered for all other methods. I also tried to create a new class inherit from CL_GOS_SERVICE and do similiar work as CL_GOS_SRV_ATTACHMENT_CREATE does, then register the new class for service PCATTA_CREA by customizing SGOSATTR in SM30, but it still not triggered.

Does anyone have experience about similiar requirement? what exact class or FM will be triggered when uploading attachments in VA02? and how can I enhance them to add our own logic of sending email for specific document type?

Any suggestion is very appreciated.

Best Regards,


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