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May 27, 2005 at 02:48 AM

How to store Rawstring to itab & 'strlen' not working for Rawstring ?


Many thanks for your help.

Could you clarify Step3 & 4 (refer as below Raja's post) since 'strlen' is not working for xstring (rawstring)?

And how to reverse the 'CONCATENATE' process to store xstring to itab ? Rawstring seems take maximum length of 10,880 char and we have to compress our big file at first.

Have a nice weekend!



Here is the step by step approach.

1. read the raw string from the table.

2. unzip using

CALL METHOD cl_abap_gzip=>decompress_binary EXPORTING gzip_in = <compressed binary string > IMPORTING raw_out = <decompressed binary string>.

3. find the length of the xstring - strlen( <variable> )

4. move the decomressed xstring to a itab

5. use GUI_download , passing file size and setting the file type to BIN

Hope this helps.