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May 26, 2005 at 10:38 PM

Data transfer from EPCF events


I have a regular(non-web dynpro) iView which is firing event & sending data using client data bag. It uses EPCF to send the event.

EPCM.raiseEvent(bla bla bla);

EPCM.storeClientData( XYX);

I have 2 more listener iViews on the same page. One of the iViews is a regular iView which uses JavaScript & subscribe to the event. Then gets the data using


Everything is working fine on this iView. I get the event as well as parameters from sender iView.

I have another iView which a web dynpro iView. This web dynpro iView also subscribes to the same event & tries to read the data. Inside my web dynpro iView, I am able to get the event but the IWDCustomEvent event object does not contain the data/parameters transferred by the Sender iView. How can I read the data stored in the client data bag inside my web dynpro iView? If it's not possible then is there a workaround which DOES NOT REQUIRE CHANGING THE SENDER iView?