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Mar 26, 2012 at 01:09 PM

Which is more important to the SCN users: Blogs or Forums?


Somewhere, somehow, the focus of the SCN moved from tool based orientation to a social media orientation. Not saying good or bad, although from my postings elsewhere and the data I post below, you can probably figure out where I stand on that change. But I am interested in seeing people's thoughts, experience and background.

When responding, please provide how many years you have been using SCN/SDN, what percentage of time you spent in each of the various areas of the old SDN: blogs, wiki, forums, documents along with which you think is more important.

Thanks, Mike

"While the site still provides access to nine years’ worth of content (including more than 20,000 documents, 22,000 blogs, 389 topic spaces, and 377 discussion topics [former “forums” with 2 million threads and 9 million messages alone] and more), we're now also able to restructure the content according to topics rather than mode or platform, and to offer a far more robust set of community tools that enable our SCN members to interact and collaborate in ways not possible in our old environment. In essence, we’re enabling a truly modern and reorganized online community with much richer “social” engagement at the core of our social network."

- Mark Yocum, New SCN - Day 2 Update

"20,000 blogs" versus "2 million threads". You do the math... - Mike (the forum dinosaur)