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Bug in HANA Schema Export using the Web-based Development Workbench?

Dec 27, 2016 at 12:41 PM


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Hello SAP HANA Experts,

I'm currently following the tutorial Continuous Integration (CI) Best Practices with SAP: SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS), classic model to setup CI for the SAP Event Registration app. To have a real integration test I would like to export the production DB schema SITREG and import it into the QA HANA DB. In the past I did that already manually by using the Catalog view of the Web-based Development Workbench. In the past I was able to export the complete schema in one go. But with the current Versions of HANA I have access to: (on HCP Trial) (on HCP Factory) (HANA Express Edition)

Only the first found object ist exported. I've debugged the behaviour by starting in the net.xsjs file which I call in the browser using:


This xsjs script is calling /sap/hana/ide/common/plugin/catalogsystem/server/common/remote.xsjslib and there the checkObjectExport method. In this method the existence of objects to be exported is checked. But unfortunately instead of the objectName * that was submitted by the user only the first result is returned.

When I replace the line:

result.objectExport = "\"" + sSchemaName + "\".\"" + sObjectName + "\"";


result.objectExport = "\"" + sSchemaName + "\".\"" + inputObject.objectName + "\"";

the problem is fixed. And I get a full export.

Perhaps others can confirm this behaviour and I will file a bug using SAP Support.

Best regards

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Hi Gegor,

had a look on the issue you described and debugged the coding too.

I can confirm the same behavior you described and from my point of view this is a bug. The coding in function checkObjectExport should only check if the object to be exported (either a single one or the whole content of a schema) exists. But in case a full export should be done the first found object name is returned instead of the "*". So only that object is exported and not all. I would open a ticket for that.

The catalog export functionality with the latest SAP HANA Tools for Eclipse is not affected.



Hi Florian,

thank you for your check. Today I've filed the issue 144719 / 2017. Let's hope it get's fixed soon.

Best regards

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