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Bug in HANA Schema Export using the Web-based Development Workbench?

Hello SAP HANA Experts,

I'm currently following the tutorial Continuous Integration (CI) Best Practices with SAP: SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS), classic model to setup CI for the SAP Event Registration app. To have a real integration test I would like to export the production DB schema SITREG and import it into the QA HANA DB. In the past I did that already manually by using the Catalog view of the Web-based Development Workbench. In the past I was able to export the complete schema in one go. But with the current Versions of HANA I have access to: (on HCP Trial) (on HCP Factory) (HANA Express Edition)

Only the first found object ist exported. I've debugged the behaviour by starting in the net.xsjs file which I call in the browser using:


This xsjs script is calling /sap/hana/ide/common/plugin/catalogsystem/server/common/remote.xsjslib and there the checkObjectExport method. In this method the existence of objects to be exported is checked. But unfortunately instead of the objectName * that was submitted by the user only the first result is returned.

When I replace the line:

result.objectExport = "\"" + sSchemaName + "\".\"" + sObjectName + "\"";


result.objectExport = "\"" + sSchemaName + "\".\"" + inputObject.objectName + "\"";

the problem is fixed. And I get a full export.

Perhaps others can confirm this behaviour and I will file a bug using SAP Support.

Best regards

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  • Hi Gegor,

    had a look on the issue you described and debugged the coding too.

    I can confirm the same behavior you described and from my point of view this is a bug. The coding in function checkObjectExport should only check if the object to be exported (either a single one or the whole content of a schema) exists. But in case a full export should be done the first found object name is returned instead of the "*". So only that object is exported and not all. I would open a ticket for that.

    The catalog export functionality with the latest SAP HANA Tools for Eclipse is not affected.


  • Hi Florian,

    thank you for your check. Today I've filed the issue 144719 / 2017. Let's hope it get's fixed soon.

    Best regards

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