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Mar 23, 2012 at 04:52 PM

RollUp Aggregates wwithout Creating/Deleting Indexes in Process Chain ?



Process Chain is as follows

Start --> InfoPackage --> DTP[Load DSO] --> Activate DSO --> Delete Index[Infocube] --> DTP[Load InfoCube] --> Create Index --> RollUp Aggregate

Full Load, Delta Init and Initial Fill of Aggregates is done, the above Flow is for Loading Deltas.

Now my main Problem is that system gives and Error when I check the Process Chain.

It states that the Delete Index Process Type cannot be in front of an Aggregate Process Type.

I tried various combinations by placing the Delete Index Process Type before DTP[Load DSO], before InfoPackage but it still gives me the same Error.

Last thing what I did was Remove the Delete and Create Index Process Type from the Process Chain and Check, Bingo No Error.

Start --> InfoPackage --> DTP[Load DSO] --> Activate DSO --> DTP[Load InfoCube] --> RollUp Aggregate

Now my question is, "Are we not suppose to Drop and Create Index of an InfoCube when we have Aggregates defined on that InfoCube ?"

Will over the years when the size of InfoCube increases the Loading performance will degrade ?

Yes I think Loading of InfoCube will degrade and/or then How are we suppose to Handle the Delete Index Process Type when we are RollUp Aggregates in PC ?

Thank you.