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Mar 23, 2012 at 09:02 AM

Unable to Delete HU assignment in Outbound Delivery after PGI


Hello All,

I want to delete the assignment of a HU in Outbound Delivery after the goods issue has already been posted.

My steps are:

1. I am working with handling units

2. The goods issue has been posted with VLO2N

3. I canceled the goods issue with VL09, the HU is on st. type 916, which is OK

4. VL02N – Pack

5. And then I am getting this error:

Handling unit has the status "goods issue posted", cannot be changed

Message no. HUGENERAL017


Goods issue was already posted for handling unit , meaning that the handling unit can no longer be changed. Therefore, it is not possible to assign it to packing-data processing.

6. I press F3, and then I can see the packing dialog.

7. I mark the HU and the press “delete assignment” – so far so good

8. But the when I try to save the changed assignment I get this error:

Within the delivery, posting change not possible for stocks

Message no. HUDIALOG107


During current processing, materials have been packed or unpacked that refer to a HU-managed storage location. During delivery processing, it is not possible to make a transfer posting of stock between HU-managed and non-HU-managed storage locations.

System Response

It is not possible to go back to delivery. The data cannot be saved.


Pack the quantity that has before been unpacked or unpack this quantity again.

9. And then a message pop ups: “Packing situation does not allow exit”. I can choose between:

a) Cancel b) Pack

I know that my procedure is correct, because in a different warehouse with Hus the procedure works just fine.

So there is something misconfigured.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you very much in advance,