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Former Member
Mar 23, 2012 at 01:10 AM

Shared Asset among Company Code Group


Hi Experts,

I have some users here that asks about how we can share an asset among the Company Code on the same Industry/Group. The Asset is a fixed asset and non-capitalized, and this one is not an issue since it's already configured in the system. The problem is they want to issue only 1 Purchase Order for this Asset with 1 Vendor, and Purchase Organization is the same for the Group, and bill among the company code separately according to their share. For now, I suggest that they create 1 asset first to 1 company code, since assets are only assigned to 1 company code and cannot be assigned to many. They will create a Purchase Order for this asset only on 1 company code. But I am still wondering if this is possible since this is always occuring in other industries.

Can this be possible? How can I configure the system as such?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.