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Mar 22, 2012 at 03:21 PM

IDOC to SOAP Acknowledgments


Hallo experts,

as stated above, i have got a scenario where an idoc is mapped into a webservice call, and i am wondering how this should work with acknowledgments.

In IDX_NOALE acknoledgements are required, but fail due to following failure:

Unable to convert the sender service Procomac to an ALE logical system

Could anybody guide me how to solve this problem? I have no special channel configured for the acknoledgement yet!

Is is correct, that only IDOC, RFC, WS and BC-Adapter can receive and handle acknowlegments? Are all other receiver channel able to give acknowlegments back if they are requested by those?


SAP Help does seem to point it out well, because a lot a people asked about acknowlegments already, but it seems that the solving blog post, isn't available anymore, because of this i am asking again!


Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,