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Do the repair full request function abandoned BW 7.X


Regarding repair full request, we can find a lots of explanation such as :

'Using the Scheduler menu, you can indicate a request with full-update mode as Repair Full Request. This request can be updated into every data target, even if the data target already contains data from an initialization run or delta for this DataSource/source system combination, and has overlapping selection criteria.'

I study repair full request for several days and made a lots of testing.

But the result is:

In bw 7.x,

what the repair full request can do, the normal full request can do too.

I don't find any special affect of repair full request in the data flow from setup table(delta queue)--PSA-DSO-CUBE.

If I missed some data or some data is corrupt, I delete the data in cube and dso, I fill the data in setup table, I luanch a full update infopackage and i get

the data correct in dso and cube.

The delta can running as before,I didn't met problem as 'Repair Full request allows data to be loaded to an ODS Object, prior to initialization with data, while still allowing it to be used with future delta loads. When a ‘traditional’ full load is applied to an ODS that is already receiving delta loads, the ODS Object will no longer be allowed to receive any further delta loads (without re-extraction and re-initialization). This is the system method of enforcing data integrity'

I don't think repair full request is needed.

Any one can give some suggestion?

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2 Answers

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    Mar 22, 2012 at 05:06 PM


    You are quite right Repair Full Request was useful lin BW3.X version only. In BI 7.X Full data load acts as the Repair Full as well. However if you are using teh BW3.X data flow in the 7.x version as well then you can have the use of this option otherwise in 7.X version data flows Repair Full and FULL data load are equivalent.


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    • Hi Navesh

      I have also noticed similar behavior for a BW 7.X datasource. Full requests works as repair full request. but Is there any confirmatory document for this published by SAP? SAP Note or Knowledge base document??


  • Mar 22, 2012 at 05:25 PM


    Repair full request is different from the full load , repair full request is used only in the case of DSO like after loading the delta records u missed some delta records so in that case the DSO doesn't support the full load so in that case u have to run the repair full request . but in the case of infocube after loading the delta records if u miss some of the delta records then it will allow to run the full load.

    Hope u got it,



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