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Mar 22, 2012 at 01:27 PM

challenge in the data load


Hi BI Gurus,

There is a cube(with 6 years of data) and delta load is happening over it. Now, the client wants to add a new key figure to it. He needs data for the newly added keyfigure. Data must come via the new loads and also data must be updated for the earlier 6 years. The delta must not be disturbed at any cost. Here is my way of doing it, let me know if i am right or wrong.

Existing flow : Datasource ----> Standard DSO -----> Cube

This is planned to be done as a weekend activity. Stops all of the process chain running for the Infocube.

Create a duplicate cube with all the characteristics and keyfigures of the original cube. Do a cube copy via full load DTP.

Go to t-code RSMRT and remodel the cube by adding the keyfigure and setting its value to constant 0.

Add the same keyfigure to the DSO ( There is no remodeling required for the DSO hence we can add it to the "data field" directly).

Go to the ECC, lock the system to avoid any transactions by the clients. Then clear the queue ( records from LBWQ & SM13 )

Clear the delta queue by running the Infopackages multiple times until you get zero records.

Enhance the datasource and Replicate the datasource to the BI side.

In the ECC, Go to tcode LBWG and delete the setup tables then fill the "set up" table using the OLI7BW.

Create a "repair full request" infopackage to pull all the records from the "setup" tables to the PSA ( no selction is specified and hence all of the records for the 6 years comes to the PSA. I don't know how long this is going to run and how successful its going to be !!!! )

Change the transformation of the DSO and link the newly added field in the datasource/PSA to the newly added keyfigure in the DSO.

Load the data to the DSO via DTP,the data that was created via the "repair full request" comes to the DSO. After the DTP load has become successful, because of the overwrite property of the DSO, only the latest records exist in the DSO and now the new keyfigure contains data for earlier and current loads.

Now change the transformation between the DSO and the Cube, set all the old keyfigures to "no transformation" and just link the newly added keyfigure in the cube with the same keyfigure of the DSO.

Load the data to the cube via DTP and immediately compress the data. Now the newly added keyfigure will contain all of the data for the previous loads too.

Now change the transformation between the DSO and cube,remove all "no transformation" which were set earlier, for all of the old keyfigures and revert them to their original setting.

Remove the "repair full request"check box of the Infopackage.

Remove the locks set in the ECC side.

Enable "process chains" again.

Is this fine or am i missing something?