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Mar 22, 2012 at 01:26 PM

Source of VBPA-ADRDA


Hi Experts,

Can you please tell how Address indicator (VBPA-ADRDA) field value is getting populated? Is it defaulted through standard code or is there any configuration where we can say that for a partner function, take this as address indicator? I have gone through forum posts and SAP notes but couldn't get proper input.

We have a case where one Z partner function is not picking ADRDA and resulting in incompletion log. Incompletion log takes us to maintain address. Though it is already maintained, it will become complete if we change something, when it prompts in the contract. In the table VBPA-ADRDA is blank for this partner whereas for others its coming as 'D'.

Please suggest.


P Gomatheeswaran.