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Mar 22, 2012 at 10:50 AM

The unsolved issue of generating PDF with HTML tags...


Hi guys,

We face the next situation: We are managing contents in our DB that contains HTML formats. Webi reports shows properly the content (marking the property cell: read as content as HTML) but it fails when generating the PDF doc (it shows the html tags instead of format text).

I have been looking around forum posts and it seems clear to me that this is an older question that has been posted many times but nobody has never been able to provide a workaround (maybe because it does not exist).

Because it is a mandatory requirement for our project we are considering alternatives as creating webservices and developing a custom application that consumes the webservice (obtaining the report) and generating the pdf properly using some kind of HTML -> PDF conversion tool.

What do you think about? Has somebody been able to workaround this problem using other methods?