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May 26, 2005 at 08:39 AM

Refreshing the contents of a table



I'm new to WebDynpro so please excuse my ignorance. After searching this forum I haven't been able to find an answer to the following question.

I have a main view with say a table and a button. The table is mapped to the contents of a value-node of the corresponding context. The button triggers a popup (popup view) containing a different table that is filled by say a BAPI. After filling the contents of that 2nd table and when closing the popup I copy the relevant entries over from the model node to a value node in the context of the popup view. Both model node and value node are mapped from the popup view to a custom controller and the value node of the custom controller is mapped to the value node in the context of the main view (sorry about the complicated explanation) to which the main table is bound.

The end result is after the popup is closed the data is transferred correctly to the context of the custom controller and therefore back to the context of the main view (visible in the debugger). However the table of the main view is empty.

I feel I therefore need to do some kind of "refresh" on that table, don't know how though.

The other postings in this forum didn't seem to answer this question (at least as far as I understood)?

I hope I've made my problem clear. Has anybody an answer?

Regards, Chris.

// Chris Forkin <>