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Mar 21, 2012 at 03:07 PM

Problem with Detailed navigation panel - Default folder entry



We are using EP 7.01.

Problem : we have 'role' called 'equity' which has got 'folder1' in it. This 'folder1' has got 'folder2' in it and 'folder2' has got 'folder3' in it and 'folder3' has got 'folder4' in it.

folder 4 has got iView named as 'home'.

It is like this.


Now we are making the 'folder1' property 'entry point' as 'Yes' and we are making the 'iView' (which is inside folder4) property 'Default entry to folder' as 'Yes'.

So now we are seeing 'folder1' in the top level navigation and 'folder2' in next level navigation. 'folder3' is coming as the first item in Detailed Navigation. Till here it is OK. But we are getting "no content available" message in the Content area. We are actually expecting the iView to get displayed as we have set the iView property 'Default folder entry' to Yes.

If we have single folder in Detailed navaigation the it is working as expected...but if we have folder with in folder in detailed navigation then it is not picking up the iView...

Hope my question is understandable.

This is very urgent for us so please let me know the solution if anyone has got one.