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Mar 21, 2012 at 03:21 PM

QM QI stock stuck


We have a material that was shipped to another plant on an OBD, when the delivery was created the person selected the stock type to post to QI without an inspection type 08 or 01 being set in the material master. The stock has been received at the destination and it posted to QI, QM team created a manual lot with inspection type 89 and wants to know why the stock is not moved from QI to unrestricted. I have told them that the stock will not move via a manual inspection lot, there is no stock posting option. They also cannot move the stock from QI via MB1B with 321, SAP returns error (Change the inspection stock of material 7120211713 in QM only). UD has already been made and the stock is stuck, please advise how to move the stock from QI to unrestricted, thank you.