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Mar 21, 2012 at 01:00 PM

e-mail notification for CHARM followon documents not working



I am back with an issue. I am using Action method SMIN_STD_MAIL (copeid in 'Z' form) from Appl. Incident Management for CHARM (7.1 Weclient ui) 'Request for change' under SMCR_ACTIONS. The condition set is '

&CRM Service Process.User Status& = E0001SMCRHEAD

and partner function inside method is 'SDCR0001' (Requester) /'SDCR0002'(Change Manager) . This goes very well. Notifications are coming fine with only concern is smartform 'AI_CRM_IM_SHORT_TEXT_LINK_FORM' dosen't pull out details like 'priority' or 'processor' or added text to change request. So this is being worked upon.

The issue here is, i am using same action method SMIN_STD_MAIL (copeid in 'Z' form) for SMCG and other follow on documents Action list the condition set e.g. for SMCG is

&CRM Service Process.User Status& = E0001SMCGHEAD

with partner function 'SDCD0001' (Developer)

these action scheduled are not working at all. So, i am not able to understand what stopping action method from running , even it doesnt appear in the 'scheduled actions' lis in change document.

I think either the condition written has mistake or partner function choosen is a concern as for devloper you have 2 values to select 'SDCD0001' and 'SMCD0001'.

Did anyone of you come across this situation.

Thank You.