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Mar 21, 2012 at 08:15 AM

BOR Objects as Class Attributes



I'm building a class to use in the workflow tasks. There are some BOR objects that I'll also use in the Workflow and I decided to put these objects as an attribute of the class and instantiated them according to the documentation below :

Everything is ok and I can see BOR objects instantiated in workflow. I can also bind BOR objects with containter objects. The problem starts when I try to bind attributes of the BOR objects to the container element. I get an error :

"XXXXXX is not a component of data object 'YYYYY'.

XXXXX: Key attribute of the BOR Object YYYYY

(See the attached figure)

I can reference BOR attributes to the local contanier objects and use these objects in the workflow but I've many workflows and this will increase the complications of the design. I'm expecting this is possible according to the following statement on wiki:

Note: This initial value is critical to using the BOR object in workflows and tasks. Without it, workflows and tasks will not be able to guarantee what BOR type will be available at runtime, and will therefore only be able to access the generic attributes/methods of the root BOR object OBJECT, instead of the attributes/methods of the chosen BOR object type.

Does anyone tried similar operation ? Any idea ?




wf.png (30.5 kB)