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Former Member
May 25, 2005 at 10:31 PM

Applying SearchComponents and SearchOptionSets to Search iViews


Hi All,

I'd really appreciate some help on this one. I've created a custom SearchComponent, SearchOptionSet, and SearchResultSet with the hopes of applying them to a KM Search iView. But I can't find any documentation on how to apply them. So I choose the blanks where I thought they should go.

These are my settings:

Configuration of Search Components=mySearchComponent

Configuration of Search Screen=mySearchOptionSet

Search Result Layout Set=mySearchResultSet


When I Preview the iView I don't get the desired results. Most notably my SearchOptionSet never seems to take effect. I've included the query value, because I have a strange feeling that it might have the power to overwrite the other settings? Or allow alternate way to apply the values? Through Params and possibly the ConfigFile. Can anyone confirm this hunch?

Any help/insight/links would be greatly appreciated.