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Mar 20, 2012 at 06:21 PM

Delete and Rebuild Hierarchy structure


Hi Gurus,

We have production issue and this has been escalated because of business/production problems. We have hierarchy which gets loaded from ECC to BW on daily basis as Full load via infopackage to PSA and than in DTP we set extraction mode as Full load, enabled Only retrieve last request checkbox and in update method enabled Update Subtree radio button and Activate Hierarchy checkbox.

In ECC, users can change hierarchy structure or delete hierarchy nodes either child or parent. Recently user has deleted parent node and moved child to another parent when I extract data from ECC to BW, till PSA data load works fine while loading data from PSA to DTP data load fails with error message:

Node ID 00001234 has not been included as a sibling node or as a child node

5 of a total of 20,359 nodes are not included in the hierarchy

For ex: Before change hierarchy structure is

1.a-->1.a.1(Child for 1.a)-->1.a.1.1(Child for 1.a.1)

1.a-->1.a.2(Child for 1.a)-->1.a.2.1(Child for 1.a.2)

After changes hierarchy structure

1.a-->1.a.2(Child for 1.a)-->1.a.1.1 and 1.a.2.1(Child for 1.a.2).... 1.a.1 node is deleted.

This is production issue and business has stopped working and your help is very valuable. My user wants me to delete old hierarchy structure and rebuild hierarchy with new structure. I have tried all options like above DTP settings and please explain in detail. Gurantee of points for valuable answer.