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Mar 20, 2012 at 05:56 PM

previous and calendar yr data in same report


Hi all,

We have Revenue and profits for previous year, Quarterly of calendar yr, Monthly of each quarter of calendar yr in BEX query.
Calendar year is the variable in Bex query. Previous year is calculated in BEx with exit variable (Calendar yr with offset 1).
We have the Char structure with above chars in Bex query and using some formulas also. Bex query will display KFs data for each above chars.

We know Char structure in BEx will show with only one object in WEBI. it is fine...

We already have the Calendar year, Quarter, Cal Month objects except previous yr object. so instead of using that char structure object, I want to create WEBI report by using all individual objects.

My question is how we can get previous yr? and previous year data? and is it possible to display previous year and Calendar yr,Q,monthly in single report ?how?

Could any one please help me,