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Mar 20, 2012 at 05:15 PM

Custom theme does not work with EHP5 anymore, cannot export and reimport SAP standard theme


Hey community,

after upgrading from SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4 to EHP5 our custom theme doesn't work correct anymore.

Normally I would export a fresh SAP standard theme and change my properties again. But it doesn't work so easy :-(

Some strange behaviours:

- program WD_THEMES shows nothing but custom themes. The SAP themes, normally marked with SAP-Theme flag are totally gone.

- our custom theme works fine for most of the UI elements. But the tabstrip component and the ALV grid are broken. Tabstrip shows tabs only as text in a very big size and among each other - not usable! (see also screenshot)

The strange thing is, after exporting sap_standard theme (with program BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS because WD_THEMES do not show any standard theme) and importing it again (without changing anything!) under a new name I can use this new theme in my WD application. But it shows the same error, tabstrips and ALVs are destroyed. Because of this fact I don't think my custom theme is too wrong and the problem is another.

I tried to change the ur version to the system ur version, but it didn't help.

Oh, and I do not use the theme in the portal, it's just for the WD applications (ABAP).

Does anyone have a barn-burner of an idea?

Thanks a lot for any help,