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Mar 20, 2012 at 02:47 PM

error in connection to managed system for CHARM config



While configuring CHARM (solman 7.1 Web client ui) i am receiving an error for CHARM 'check' ('system landscape>change management>consistency check' for 'Maintenance Project' ) for one our CRM QA system.

Error: No RFC connection for system XXX00001 client '000'

Client: 300 Logical system: XXX00001-3 Inactive: No Role: T

RFC connection of type SPACE does not exist

RFC connection of type S does not exist

RFC connection of type T does not exist

Above XXX = <SID> , after LMDB setup QA CRM was installed and it took the 'XXX00001' SID in lmdb entry. RFC connections to 300 and 000 client are deifned properly in 'managed system configuration' for both clients' and connection/authorization check goes fine. I am not able to understand its an issue with rfc or the 'XXX00001' sid which got created in that way.

Did anyone face this before?

Thank You.