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May 25, 2005 at 02:37 PM

serialization error [problem with setting attr values in the context]



I have already posted this problem on the forum,

but dare to do it again as I was unable to find

any solution...

In the controller's context I have a structure like

this (in fact the structure is more complex, but it's

enough to describe the problem; I have also shortened

the node names for simplicity):



>>updateDoc [MN]


>>changes [MN]


>>docInfo [MN]


>>docId [MA]


>>boxId [MA]

where [MN] is "model node", [MA] is "model attribute".

The above structure in the controller's context

is mapped into the same structure in the model layer.

This structure (in the model layer) is used

as input/output data for calling a web service

(component controller acts as a service controller).

Before calling the web service, I set the values of both:

- Context.updateDoc.boxId and

- Context.updateDoc.changes.docInfo.docId

The problem is that after calling the web service,

I get the following error message:

"Service call exception; nested exception is:

XML Serialization Error. Property [Dinfo] of class


must exist and can not be null.

This is required by schema description."

This message suggests that there is no docInfo subtree

in the data structure passed to the web service (docInfo

is of type Dinfo).

The problem does not appear when I set the value

of an attribute which is a direct child of the

updateDoc node (boxId is an example of such an

attribute). The error pops up only with attributes

nested deeper in the tree structure.

I use the following pattern for setting the attribute values (I set the values in the controller's code):


For example in order to set the value of the docId,

I call:


I have checked that the value does get set in the

context (I display it in the view). But as soon as

I call the web service, I get the above serialization

error (which indicates that the data structure passed

to the web service does not contain the required

docId value).

I have double checked all of the mappings.

I have double checked if the WSDL of the web service

hasn't been modified after I created the model.

As I said, the problem is only with nested attributes

(the ones that are children of the updateDoc node do

not cause any problems).

Please, help.