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Mar 19, 2012 at 03:49 PM

Saving and printing dynamic fonts and formats.


Hi all.

In our SAP system the user can type in and save texts. The text editor we are using supports variable fonts and formats, but when it comes to printing, this format does not appear correctly in the smartform solution we have implemented. See the example in the attachment.

For example the text appears with the signs <H><U> in the printing, if the text should be bold with underline. In the editor the text appears correctly (without these signs, and with bold and underline).

As far as I have studied this, I have not found any way to display a text in a smartform printing with same format - as it is typed into the text editor. The print preview program showed in the example file is not a smartform solution; it is the old SAP script technic which is included in the text editor.

Do you know of any way to edit and save text in SAP (using some text editor) with dynamic character format, and print it with the same format on paper (using smarform/adobe...etc)?

We would prefer not to go back to SAP scripts technic if possible. If there are other editors and print technic that supports his functionality I just described, we would rather use them. Any suggestions?




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