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Mar 19, 2012 at 03:17 PM

Unidentified Receipt /Clarificaiton document not been identified by Payment plan Program


Hi ,

Please help me with the solution for the below Problem

To enroll into a Payment Plan (Winter Protection Plan), Specific downpayment is requested from the customer.

If customer satisfies the downpayment request within 20 days, the account is enrolled. All payments made on the account during the request period should count toward their downpayment. However, payments posted as Unidentified receipts are not currently included in this process, but they should be. This is causing issues, with dunning and customer satisfaction, because the customer has made their downpayment but due to how the payment posts, it is not recognized and the account is not being enrolled into the Payment plan.

The Problem is, the documents where the contract account name is specified incorrectly, they go and sit in clarification. then the user clarifies the document and the payment is posted to the account. But the field (SELW1(Selection Value 1) )in DFKKZP is still showing the incorrect entry rather than the correct contract account number.

Our Program currently is only looking for contract account field in DFKKZP to identify the down Payments. Can someone please let me know , how to identify the calrified documents/Accounts? Is there any seperate table to locate them.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks much for all your help...