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Mar 19, 2012 at 02:36 PM

Change pointers does not generate IDOC


In trans. XD03 you can change Customer Data and also create/change Internat. versions data.

When changes are only made to Internat. versions i.e. not to General Data at all then there is not generated any IDOC when running BD21. If one change has been made in General Data then an IDOC is created.

Question: Is it possible at all to create change pointers on Internat. versions data and trigger a DEBMAS IDOC?

After changing Internat. versions data entries can be found in table CDHDR and table CDPOS but again no IDOC is generated in trans. BD21.

Following has been done

· Extend DEBMAS idoc to hold International versions (Trans. XD03)

· User exit

· Create a new Message Type (YDEBMAS).

· WE81 (Create a New Message Type)

· WE82 (Link the IDoc Type to the Message Type)

· WE20 (Create or Change a Partner Profile)

· BD64 (Add the Message to the Customer Distribution Model)

· BD61 (Activate the change pointers globally)

· BD50 (Activate the change pointers for individual message types)

· BD52 (Activate change pointers for specific fields)

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