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Former Member
Mar 19, 2012 at 08:46 AM

Container values not being passed from subworkflow to main workflow


Hi Guys,

I have changed an FIPP based workflow to suit my needs. In the subworkflow, there is a step which gets rejection text from the function module CATSXT_SIMPLE_TEXT_EDITOR. I am putting this text in a container RejectText. I export this from this step 'ZRELEASE' to the subworkflow. In the main workflow, I bind this container to the main workflow container in the subworkflow step. When I trouble shoot, I the container is filled only in the ZRELEASE step, but it is not filled in the subworkflow and in the main workflow.

I also have tried saving the text in a Z-table in the ZRELEASE step so that I can extract it in a step in the main workflow, but it doesn't work as well. But I have noticed that it works when I put debug point in the method of the main workflow step which gets the rejection text. The container is filled in correctly . This is weird to me because if it works in debug mode, then it should work in the normal process. Any ideas what is going on?