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Mar 19, 2012 at 04:26 AM

Costing Variant is showing error "Object was not costed" for FG / SFG goods


Dear Friends,

Before i go and tell you the issue, i want to explain you what i have done.

My Client requirement is to configure a Costing variant which only shows / estimates the cost of Materials. It should not take the Routing and OH Costs.

I have created a Costing Variant ZMAT, which i have selected the options below.

1. Costing type - 01 Standard cost estimate - (Standard price and Legal valuation)

2. Valuation variant

Material Valuation - Planned Price 1

Activity type / Processes - Blank - As i do not need any Activity cost included.

Sub-contracting - Net Quotation price and Net purchase order price

Ext. Processing - Price from operation and Net Quotation price

Overhead - Cost sheet blank

Now the issue is,

This costing variant ZMAT is only working for Raw materials. When i tried running it for FG / SFG, It is showing the below error in initial screen itself in CK11N

Object was not costed

Message no. CK060


The system could not find any entries that are relevant to costing.

System Response

The system did not cost the object.

Kindly suggest where i am going wrong




CK060.png (69.0 kB)