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Mar 18, 2012 at 09:29 AM

how to create,start and complete a SFC in an activity hook at PRE_START


Hi experts,

I am new to SAP ME SDK 2.0 development.I want to Create,Start and Complete SFC in an activity hook at PRE_START. I am using the following API's

1. CraeteSfcServiceInterface. 2 SfcStartServiceInterface. 3.SfcCompleteServiceInterface. And I am trying to create, start a SFC as folllows.however I am unable to Create ,Start and Complete a SFC.

// SFC Create

CreateSfcServiceInterface createSfcService = Services.getService ("", "CreateSfcService");

CreateSfcRequest sfcReq = new CreateSfcRequest();

sfcReq .setOperationRef(""); //Operation

sfcReq .setQuantity(new BigDecimal(1.0)); // SFC Qty

sfcReq .setResourceRef(value); //the resource to the operation

sfcReq .setSfc("") // gennerated SFC Number


// SFC Start

ServiceReference serviceRef = new ServiceReference("", "SfcStartService");RunAsServiceLocator serviceLocator = new RunAsServiceLocator(user,site, null);

SfcStartServiceInterface service = serviceLocator.getService(serviceRef, SfcStartServiceInterface.class);

List<StartSfcRequest> sfcStartReqList = new ArrayList<StartSfcRequest>();

StartSfcRequest sfcStartReq = new StartSfcRequest();

sfcStartReq .setOperationRef(""); //Operation

sfcStartReq .setQuantity(new BigDecimal(1.0)); // SFC Qty

sfcStartReq .setResourceRef(value); //the resource to the operation

sfcStartReq .setSfc("") // gennerated SFC Number


service .start(sfcStartReqList);

my SFC Start code is working fine.however the SFC is showing the status as "In Work" instead of "In Queue". where and what I am missing in the above code.Can anybody help me in this.

Thanks in advance,