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Mar 17, 2012 at 05:58 AM

Conceptual question


Hi all,

Below is an issue, which is bothering me in the last 2 years (BPC NW 7.5). Maybe you have some ideas how to solve this.

1. I have an application with 2 dimensions.

2. I would like to run some logice (e.g. allocation) which is based on the values of both dimensions.


Company Codes 1000, 2000, 3000

Years 2012, 2013

Perform allocation when the allocation method is:

  • for combination 1000 2012 - method 1
  • for combination 1000 2013 - method 2
  • for combination 2000 2012 - method 2
  • ...

I have investigated 2 options. First option is to define a new dimension which is basically a concatenation of both dimensions and maintaining a property for this dimension which will indicate the allocation method. The problem is when I try to create an input schedule since I have no way to "force" the system to allow only "valid combinations" for the calued of Company Code, Year and "concatenated dimension".

The second option is to have the user working on one application which holds compay code and year separately and then using *destination_app create records in a different application using the concatenation. Here I faced a problem with "ADD_DIM" since it can not handle variables and I can not specify all of the possible combinations.

Any other ideas? It should be simple but somehow I can not solve this issue.