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Mar 17, 2012 at 08:13 AM

Reg. 3 Decimal currency problem in IS Oil system


Hi All,

I am working for IS Oil system, which has some enhancements. Usually currency will be in 2 decimals. But in IS Oil, they want to calculate with 3 decimals to get the accurate value. This requirement is in SD & MM. I tried to write the code in SD user exit - MV45AFZZ. Here I am overwritting the condition value by writing the code. But while saving system is over writting these values.

1. I suggested to functional cunsultant write the code in Pricing routine?

2. When I write the code in userexit, it is not working as I explained in the above. Do we have any OSS note for this?

Kindly advice me if any one worked for IS Oil sytem.

Thanks & Regards,

Yerukala Setty