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Mar 17, 2012 at 08:03 AM

Locking Issue


Hi Techies,

I have a requirement as follows:

1st user : Executes a T-code say 'ZTEST', In initial screen Batch Number is the Input(ex:BATCH), after that user presses enter and goes to next screen. In next screen user has to enter Order No (ORDER01)from where list of materials will be displayed. suppose theer are 3 line items in Order than 3 new batches will be created with numbers(BATCH01,BATCH02,BATCH03). when User clicks on "SAVE" button, in background confirmation is done and GR's are done.

2nd User: Repeats same as 1st user , only with different order(ORDER02). The issue is theer same batches(BATCH01,BATCH02,BATCH03) are going through 2 confirmations each.

The requirement is to lock the second user if once BATCH is in process by other user.

Any help in this regard would be appreciable.

Thanks& Regards,