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May 25, 2005 at 08:55 AM

Style display problem in Web Interface Builder (OWC)



I wanted to create my own styles for my BPS Planning Layouts and then

use it in the Web Interface Builder on Office Web Components.

Step 1 : I saved a Planning Layout in my hard disk.

Step 2 : I created my styles as explained in the SEM BPS help notes (->

Format, Styles ) and saved it in Excel.

Step 3 : I used UPP_MASTER_CHECKIN in tn se38 and then

UPP_LAYOUTS_UPDATE_WITH_MASTER in order to apply the master template in

all my layouts.

Step 4 : I put my styles in all my layouts in the BPS0 (for Lead

Columns, Head Datas and Data Columns).

Step 5 : Once I generated my layouts in the BPS0, the result was what I

expected : the styles were right and at the good place. I checked

publish for the WEB for all the layouts that needed it.

Step 6 : I created a Web Interface with BPS_WB using my layouts as

Office Web Components (Web Excel : true)

Step 7 : I generate my Web Page

And when I look at my layouts the styles disappeared....

However if I modify the Standard Styles (SEM-BPS-headata or SEM-BPS-

sub1 for example)and put them in my layouts then it works !!!! The

modified styles appear in the Web Interface Builder.

I do not understand why it works with the standard styles and not if I

create and put my own. Did I something wrong or missed a step or is a problem with SEM BPS ????

Thank you for your help