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Mar 16, 2012 at 12:58 PM

bobj undefined


Hi everyone,

I have searched through these forums and found discussions on this error, but every time I try to click on a link the site is telling met either a 404 error or a 500 error. So here's my question which will hopefully be able to be answered in a timely concise manner.

I am using VS2010 to develop a web application that will show Crystal reports. I am running my development machine on XP SP3 with VS 2010.

I downloaded and installed the SAP Crytal Reports version for Visual Studio 2010 - Standard from the business objects website. Once I did that I was able to successfully create and run Crystal reports on my local development machine, no problem, evrything worked great.

So I went to check out the work on my development server, which is also XP SP3 and running IIS 5.0. I published to my development machine using the publish function in VS2010. When I first ran the site, I got an error stating that there were components missing. Fine, no problem. I went back to the business objects site and downloaded/installed the SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4 (32-bit) and when I ran the site, those errors went away.

Great, I thought, now I should be able to run my Crystal reports, no problem. Nope. I get the bobj is undefined error.

I have tried copying the files under the inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client directory to my virtual directory as I have seen mentioned in numerous posts, but I am still getting the bobj undefined error. I also tried a solution I found here to no avail:

The code that I am using is very simple on my ASPX page. I simply placed a CrystalReportViewer on my ASPX page with AutoBindData set to true. Then I do simple C# code to do the actual binding as I have seen in many different references. Again, this works perfectly on my local machine.

Every link in every post I have searched here fails to be found on this site.

Eventually this is going to be running on a 64-bit 2008 Server machine with IIS 7.5 . But I can't even get this to work on a simple setup.

Why is this not working? I've spent days researching this issue and am getting really frustrated at what used to be a simple process. Every time I think I find something, I see a link referenced that's dead.

Please help with something that can be clear and concise instead of roundabout and vague.

Thanks in advance