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Mar 16, 2012 at 07:56 AM

How to address individual cell editor in CL_WD_TABLE


I try to dynamically change the cell editor of a Web Dynpro table . Depending on a certain logic, individual cells in different rows should be of type input_field or text_view or have different colors etc.

I found the concept of binding a cell_variant to a single cell via an additional field in the table that is source for the binding.

However, if I need to change say 10 different fields of a row individually, the overhead by adding 10 additional fields for the editor, 10 more fields for background color etc. seems to be large.

Is there a way of directly addressing a cell editors properties for an individual row for class CL_WD_TABLE ?

Something where I can loop across the source table e.g.

Loop at source_table into source_table_row.

* detemine cell properties for field field1 from individual logic

* Now go to the cell editor of the source_table_row-field1

* manipulate cell_editor properties


Thanks for any hint.