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Mar 15, 2012 at 09:07 PM

Inventory Aging in FIFO


Is anyone aware of a true aged inventory report that would work in a FIFO-based SAP Business One system?

I've read older posts on the SCN about such reports, but many of these age the inventory by the last purchase date. That approach does not yield a valid aging, since the entire quantity on hand is aged according to the last receipt. In a FIFO environment, a new layer is created for each receipt. The layer information includes the layer date, open quantity remaining (originally set to the receipt quantity), and cost. The open quantity is reduced as subsequent transactions consume quantities from the layer. Presumably, this data would allow the total quantity on hand to be accurately aged for each contributing receipt. The total on hand for a given item might include quantities in several age brackets.

I'm taking a stab at writing a query, but it appears that an Inventory Transfer creates the layer in the destination warehouse using the transfer date, and not the actual receipt date of the quantities being moved. To properly age a transfered quantity, it'd be necessary to locate the origin of the quantity. If the quantity had been transferred more than once, it'd be a nightmare.

There may be other complexities that I haven't even considered yet. Therefore, I'm hoping that someone might have accomplished something in this area since the earlier posts. I am aware of the Valogix add-on and the great features that it offers. However, at this point, the client is looking only for a report, and not an inventory optimization package.

Feedback would be appreciated!