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Mar 15, 2012 at 11:17 PM

How to pass parameters from package to script logic without prompt.


Hello experts,

I am using BPC 10.0 NW.

I'd like to know how to pass parameters to a script logic from a package, but the parameter has to be hard-coded in the package, and not coming from a prompt.

You will answer me that if it is hard-coded I just have to hard-code the selection in the script logic, but since the script is complex, I want to keep only one version, and build several packages that will call the same script logic passing differents parameters.

The package is run through the following excel formula :

=EPMExecuteAPI("DataManagerRunPackage";"Run BS Allocation Package";"BS_Allocation"; "Financial Process"; "")

but I don't want the user to input anything or select anything, so I'll update the Excel EPM formula to make it dynamic according to the entity context value.

And the package name will contain the entity code so this way I'll be able to emulate the parameters passing from the Excel sheet to the DM package.

The only step missing is how to replace the entity selection by a hard-coded value is the package code.

I already build a version with different version of script logic (with entity selection hard coded, but it is really not convenient for maintenance to have more than 30 logics doing the same thing)


Another way to say it is how can I populate the %ENTITY_DIM% with the value I want (without prompt) ?

I will have as much package as number of members in my entity dimension. (but once they are built they don't need anymore maintenance)

Hope the need is clear, and all usefull answers will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Guillaume P.

$ENTITY_DIM$ to fetch the entity value coming from the package