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Mar 15, 2012 at 06:39 PM

Linking to iView with no left nav, top nav



I asked a question earlier on the forum about navigating to specific iviews. Someone told me about the Quick Link property and I see how this will help. I have several follow-up questions.

Our existing SAP portal shows a top navigation area, a left navigation area, and then the main content area. I have found how I can set the left navigation area to be collapsed by default. Here are my follow up questions.

1) Can I set the left navigation area to be collapsed and also disabled so that users cannot open it?

2) Can I just show the main content area and no top navigation?

I am mainly hoping at this point to learn how we can be completely free of the top navigation bar.

We are implementing a new portal and will link back to specific iviews for some business processes. Our business customers do not want the users to see any other part of the SAP portal (left nav, top nav) so that they are either seeing the iview in a new open window or an iview with a page of our new portal.

Thank you for your help!