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Mar 14, 2012 at 07:59 PM

Planned Order availability date vs Demand Date - setting a tolerance


Hi All,

Any feedback on the below issue? I illustrated the situation w/a simple example. Thank you in advance.


  1. Distribution Demand is created for 1000 pce for 03/22/2012 on the supplying plant by SNP heuristic.
  2. Planned order for 1000 pce is created w/availability of 03/22/2012 to meet the demand. However, later due to delay in production, the production order new availability date is 03/29/2012.
  3. Deployment runs and confirms back 1000 pce for 03/29/2012.
  4. Next time when heuristic runs, there is still a requirement of 1000 pce for 03/22/2012. Now we have a week difference between demand and confirmed production dates. Heuristic creates a new planned order of 1000 pce for 03/22/2012 to cover the demand. Now we have a new planned order 03/22 and a previously created production order for 03/29.
  5. Current process is that we manually delete such new planned orders to avoid overproduction.


Is there any setting ( in SNP, product master etc) where we can indicate an time tolerance between demand and firmed production production dates? In the above example, we do not want a new planned order created as a week difference between demand and supply dates is acceptable by business.