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Mar 14, 2012 at 01:46 PM



Hello everyone,

I'm new with BI (BW/BO), so I hope to get some experienced help with starting my little project.

We, i.e. our company, wants to run CATS-reports from SAP ERP. Consequently I have to migrate all the data/tables from CATS into BW. Eventually I shall create reports with BW-or BO-tools (at the moment this is not as important as geeting the data into BW). Additionally, we have 10-year-data from a LotusNotes-software called "ProStunde" (german), which has to be migrated into BW, too.

My first question is: How can I migrate the CATS-data into BW? I believe it is more logical to think of the CATS-migration and BW-architecture at frist place, before loeading the LotusNotes-data via CSV-file into BW, right? CATS includes the modules HR, CO, PM/CS, PS and MM (including all interface-tables).

In this case, I am talking about integrating CATS in BW. Or is it better to firstly analyze the existing reports from our company (Excel) in order to know what is BW-relevant?

I know this may sound a little bit unstructured, but for now I can't say any more, sorry...

Thank you for your help!