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Mar 14, 2012 at 10:40 AM

HTTP Status 404 - /AnalyticalReporting/


Hello Together.
I hope this is the right place.

We have the following configuration:

A VM from VMWare with Windows 2003 R2 64 bit Server
4GByte HS

Installed is a BO Edge 3.1 with SP2 and FP5 without any integration kit (neither SAP nor AD or LDAP integration). The repository reside local on a MySQL Server. The webserver is Tomcat 5.5 (A standard Edge installation on a singel windows server)

Everything(!) works fine

Now I have installed SP3. The BO – Edge Version is „BuildVersion=“ and I’ve got the following error after starting WebI:

HTTP Status 404 - /AnalyticalReporting/

Then I tried to Install the SP 5 but the error still exists.

Now I have found the SAP hints (1379092, 1308046 and 1271575) to solve the problem.
Nothing helped to solve the problem. Neither a complete deployment from all war files with wdeploy nor the step by step deployment with the administrator console from tomcat.

The BO – Edge Version is „BuildVersion=“

I found another BO – Edge Server with the Version „BuildVersion=“. On this Server this mentioned error doesn’t exist. I copied the webapps directory (only this) from the Version to the server with the Version and it seems that the HTTP error not occur. This workaround doesn’d work with the SP5. But this is not a solution.

Any suggestions