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May 24, 2005 at 03:14 PM

Changing Marketing Attributes definition


Hi All,

We're using marketing attributes in CRM in order to display which segment a customer belongs to. The marketing attributes in CRM are updated from an APD process in BW.

The marketing attributes (MA) have been defined and customers have been segmented in regards to the MA definition.

Now it has occured for someone to change the MA defintion for the segmentation...

Exampel the Attribute "Logistic Customer" should display the value "Gold" instead of "Bonus Plus" but it is still the same segment, i.e. it's only the attribute name that has changed.

Trying to change the attribute value in "CRMD_PROF_CHAR" is not possible as business partners already have been assigned the "Bonus Plus" attribute value.

Any suggestion on how to proceed? I'm not too keen on writing a program that erases the old value from all business partners in order to be able to change the attribute defintion in "CRMD_PROF_CHAR"...