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Open KM document with url depending on the charasteristic value of web application

Hi gurus!

I have a requirement to open a document which is broadcasted to a KM folder when a user clicks on a BW web application (7.0) analysis item. The document that should be opened depends on the value of a characteristic that the user clicks on. I can not make a RRI connection to implement this requirement because it would add the value of the characteristic in the end of the url with ?-character and I can not create a file in KM folder beginning with a question mark. I have thought of adding a script item to my web application and using a modification in analysis item ( with action_on_click parameter that would refer to script item, data provider of the analysis item and the characteristic that is used to naming of the document.

Does anybody know how should I write my javascript to the script item to get the value of the characteristic the user clicks on, insert it to a variable and add that variable then in the end of the url? Please, let me know, I would appreciate Your help!

Points guaranteed for helpful answers!

Kind regards,


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1 Answer

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    Posted on Apr 30, 2013 at 12:18 PM

    Hello Sari,

    do you have still this problem?

    My problem is nearly the same, but i found a sollution in the sap note 1666825.

    I could not test it today, because of some missing Patches, but maybe it could help you.

    Let me please know if it works, thanks.



    <bi:ANALYSIS_ITEM name="ANALYSIS_ITEM_1" designheight="200" designwidth="400" >

    <bi:DATA_PROVIDER_REF value="DP_1" />



       <bi:ACTIVE value="X" />

       <bi:MOD_SELECT type="CHOICE" value="MOD_GENERIC_MODULE" >


         <bi:MOD_REFERENCE value="" />


          <bi:MOD_PARAMETER index="1" type="COMPOSITE" >

           <bi:MOD_PARAM_NAME value="COLUMN_2" />

           <bi:MOD_PARAM_VALUE type="CHOICE" value="BOOLEAN" />


          <bi:MOD_PARAMETER index="2" type="COMPOSITE" >

           <bi:MOD_PARAM_NAME value="ACTION_ON_CLICK" />

            <bi:MOD_PARAM_VALUE type="CHOICE" value="STRING" >

             <bi:STRING value="myFunction" />



          <bi:MOD_PARAMETER index="3" type="COMPOSITE" >


           <bi:MOD_PARAM_VALUE type="CHOICE" value="BOOLEAN" />








    function myFunction(currentState, defaultCommandSequence, localEvent)


      // your JavaScript code

      // currentState and defaultCommandSequence are null

      // localEvent is filled with clicked table cell (TD element)


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