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Mar 13, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Assigning roles in CUA



I am to assign roles using CUA. I have a CUA master and other child systems.Let's assume i am on one of the child systems. I found out a BAPI - BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_ASSIGN to pass role information to Master system. The problem is that this bapi deletes the existing roles. Hence i found another BAPI - ' BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL' to get the existing role details. My idea is to add these role details with the new one and then send it to BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_ASSIGN. Please confirm if my process is right?

My questions:

1. When i am on child client, will the bapi - BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL retrieve the information of roles on child system or the roles available in Master system?

2. Assuming it returns roles of the master system, how will i link the role to the systems. For example : if i pass my user name to the bapi it gives out various table entries. One table entry contains the activity groups with the list of role names etc and another table contains the system name. How do we map the role and system name?

3. Can we bypass the authorization check available in the BAPI?

This is urgent and it will be of great help if you can suggest solution.